Does Your Food Need Something Extra?

Try our tasty seasoning for all of your food

While your food may be good on its own, adding something different never hurts. If you want to add a little extra something to your next meal, Rusty's Seasoning For Every Stuff is ready for you. Whether you want seasoning or spice, our company in Lafayette, LA has got you covered. Call us today to discuss your cooking needs.

What do we have to offer?

If you're ready to spice up your life and your cooking skills, we've got just the things you need. We proudly sell:

  • Rusty's More Spice
  • Rusty's Seasoning for Every Stuff
  • Rusty's Cookbook for Everyday Cooking
All of your friends and family will wonder how you learned to cook such great food, and you can tell them that Rusty taught you.

Discover what separates us from the rest

Once you taste our seasoning or spice, you'll realize our company is different from all the rest. That's because we:

  • Sell products that feature no MSG
  • Put less sodium in our products than the competitors
  • Travel all over the country and have our products in over 40 stores
We've won every category of the AADE National F5 XIX Fin, Feather, Fur Food Festival in New Orleans, LA, Houston, TX and Lafayette, LA, beating out close to 200 teams. Purchase our products today to see why.